37 best women's running tights in 2021

2021-10-27 08:52:57 By : Mr. Nikki Qin

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Get ready to equip it!

When it comes to finding the best women’s running leggings, the options seem endless, but in reality, all you want is a pair that won’t bump up and down during running and has enough pockets to hold all the essentials. To help you find the perfect pair, we have now collected the best pair on the market.

Whether you are looking for Nike leggings, cropped leggings or warm leggings designed for winter running, we can meet your needs.

Gone are the days when shorter runners were forced to tie up the legs of full-length leggings. As more and more brands choose the 7/8 leg length option, we have carefully selected our favorites:

Of course, spending £108 on a pair of running leggings is a lot, but if you take care of them (tumble dryer fan, we are looking at you), they will last for years. They don't lather or pull, they wash well, and after months of testing, they still stick to the skin softly like butter. Each hip has two convenient drop-in pockets, large enough to hold your phone, gloves and essentials, and the high waistband makes them very comfortable. 

They are Sweaty Betty's best-selling leggings for a reason-they are as soft as butter, they have leg pockets large enough for easy access to the iPhone, and they have many eye-catching prints. Our deputy digital editor has been wearing the same zero-gravity leggings for years, they wash well and do not foam. They are not completely anti-squat, but if they can help you feel good when accelerating. 

We are big fans of these M&S Goodmove leggings-they fit very well and are very soft, you can click and collect them for tomorrow! We like the print and leg pockets large enough to hold your phone, and the high waist design can hold everything in place when you move. They may not last forever, but if you are looking for winter gear that makes you feel good, we have found it! 

The 7/8 leg length is perfect for shorter runners (our deputy digital editor is 5 feet 2 feet, they sit on their ankles). These leggings are designed to speed up the running speed, so there is no pocket for the phone, but due to the mesh panel on the back of the leg, it is well ventilated. The high waistband is very comfortable, and the compression fit makes you feel ready to compete. 

These On running leggings are designed to hug your legs as you move. There are no side pockets on your legs to restrict your movement. Instead, they cleverly place L-shaped sutures around the knees to allow. They also have reflective prints to help maintain sight in low-light situations. 

There is nothing worse than a phone hitting the hip while running, so Under Armour came up with a solution-their Speedpocket, which is more like a waterproof bag located in front of the belt, allowing you to easily access the phone without having to Don't make that awkward turn. They also have a drop-in pocket, reflective details and a comfortable high waistband on their hips. 

If you are a runner who likes to wear tights all year round, these short running tights feature cleverly arranged mesh panels for ventilation. They also have a high waist belt to hold everything in place when you move, built-in side pockets to store your phone and essentials, and shorter leg lengths are suitable for petite runners. 

Of course, you don't need to spend a fortune on a running kit. These Decathlon leggings may not be worn forever, but they have a zippered side pocket and a back pocket, are well ventilated, and are available in two different leg lengths to suit runners of all heights. 

When it comes to running in autumn and winter, staying safe is keeping sight. The details of a good reflective running tights can capture the headlights of the car when you cross the road or run along the sidewalk. We have carefully selected our favorites here:

No if or but, these reflective running tights are beautiful. They have eye-catching prints all over the body to help you keep your sight, but they also look great when running in low light. There are also side pockets on the hip to store your phone and essentials, and a zippered pocket on the back. 

These Sweaty Betty leggings are one of the most reflective running leggings we have seen. The whole body print really attracts light. The leggings are soft and comfortable, close to the skin, high waist, and equipped with convenient pockets. We have written a full review of the leggings here, and you can also purchase matching reflective headbands. 

These leggings are light and comfortable because they are reflective. They don’t have a pocket for your phone, so you need a running belt, but Brooks has done a lot of research on where the car’s headlights hit the runners and added panels to ensure your safety during the journey. There are matching jackets and hoodies. 

If you are looking for a pair of reflective leggings that can survive the winter for less than £20, Decathlon offers it. There is a smartphone pocket on the leg, a zipper pocket on the back, a reflective print all over the body, and a reflector on the back of the leggings. They are also designed to keep you warm to keep you comfortable when running in the colder morning or late at night. 

If you like the support of a high waist belt close to your abdomen when running, here are some of the most supportive belts on the market:

Again, these are expensive, but if you are looking for a buttery soft leggings with a super high waistband, we have found them. Their leg pockets are large enough to hold your smartphone, and there is a zippered pocket on the back to store your essentials. There is a continuous drawstring inside the waistband to hold the tights in place when you move, and you will find some reflective details on your calves so that you can see it when running in low light conditions. Like most Lululemon kits, they can be used for many years-we have cleaned them again and again and they still perform well.   

Good news for runners—Sweaty Betty has made their super-popular strong leggings taller! These are located above the belly button to keep you tight while running. There is no drawstring to keep them close to your waist, but we found that they stay in place when they move. The side pockets can store your technical supplies, gels and running gloves, and the fabric provides exquisite support in all suitable positions. These also have 7/8 leg lengths, which are perfect for shorter runners. 

In addition to wicking, support and a high waist, these Under Armour running tights are also designed to care for your skin while you exercise. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin or eczema, sweating can make things more uncomfortable. Therefore, Under Armour has embedded "tiny moisturizing microspheres" in the fabric, which activate when wet and move on you Keep your skin moisturized at all times. There are also leg pockets for storing essentials and built-in pockets for storing keys. 

These Gymshark leggings may lack the pockets that some of the other leggings on this list have, but they look great, and they also have super high waistbands if you wish. The leggings are seamless, which helps minimize any uncomfortable friction during running or in the gym. Like most Gymshark options, they are available in a variety of different colors to suit every runner. 

If you are looking for a wider range of comfortable leggings, we have found it.

These Nike leggings are available in sizes from UK22 to UK32. They have reflective details on the legs to capture light and are suitable for shorter runners. There is also a zippered pocket on the back to keep your keys safe, and a high waist belt keeps you comfortable during mileage. 

These Adidas leggings are perfect for running in the park and then having brunch with your friends. They are designed to fit softly and comfortably on the skin when you move, minimizing abrasions. They have high waist belts, shorter leg lengths, and mesh side pockets for iPhone, so you can leave your running belt at home. 

Lululemon recently expanded their size range to be more inclusive, and we were impressed. These high-waist running tights are made of Lulu's superior soft fabric, with a comfortable high waistband and drop-in leg pockets for cell phones and essentials. They now have a maximum size of 24. 

These ASOS leggings are designed with a reflective contour to help maintain sight when running in low light, and have a comfortable fleece finish when the temperature drops. They don't have any pockets, so you need to wear a running belt or mobile armband with these, but they are still a good and affordable option. There is also a matching top for runners looking for a complete suit. 

If you are looking for a pair of leggings that can be worn comfortably while running, but can also be used for home exercises or virtual yoga classes, these Nike One leggings meet your requirements. They are soft and supple on the skin, high waist and wicking away perspiration. They have no pockets, so you still need a running belt, but they are a good all-rounder. 

If you are the type of runner who likes to wear tights all year round, then capri leggings are a great way to get the coverage you want without overheating during the run. Here, we have collected some of our favorite cropped pants on the market:

If you are keen to make environmental decisions when upgrading your running wardrobe, then BAM is a good brand. These Enduro leggings are made of a blend of bamboo viscose fiber and organic cotton, which are soft and fit the skin and are good for the earth. The wide waistband is super comfortable and the short legs make these a good choice for summer running. 

These Ron Hill leggings feature a comfortable design, a wide waistband provides support, and a comfortable 0-foot-high fabric that can suck sweat from the body without bagging. Increased elasticity, can perform all-round exercise, and the zipper pocket on the waist belt can store your essentials. 

These Adidas leggings are designed to keep you cool and friction-free when the weather gets warmer. They are made of the brand's moisture wicking fabric, and mesh ventilation panels have been added to keep you cool when you are on the move. There is a "sweat-proof" pocket to protect your valuables from moisture when you sweat, and small mesh leg pockets for easy access on the move. 

The Under Armour leggings feature a second skin-fitting design and ultra-breathable mesh panel, ideal for track and field competitions. Like most Under Armour leggings, there is a built-in storage pocket on the waistband, which is large enough to hold your phone and prevents it from bounced on your body when you are moving.

If you are looking for a pair of leggings that are durable and look great after washing, these "All Day Crop" leggings from Sweety Betty are a good choice. They are soft and soft, with high waistbands and attractive floral prints. There is a small hidden pocket in the belt, enough to store keys and credit cards, but your phone still needs a belt or armband. 

These New Balance leggings are a simple, affordable option designed to make you feel comfortable both when running and running. The drawstring waistband creates a personalized fit, and there is a small hidden inner pocket that can hold your keys. There is also a reflective logo at the bottom of the leggings to help you keep your sight in low light.

These Gymshark leggings are designed to be elastic and supportive, providing a full range of sports whether you are running, squatting or dancing in the living room. The waist has an internal silicone strap to hold it in place when you move, the seamless design prevents wear and tear, and the fabric is designed to absorb moisture from the body. 

These Brooks leggings are designed to stand the test of time. Brooks wrote, "There is nothing extra to this essential women's running capri pants." They have a wide support belt, a bulletproof bag large enough to hold a mobile phone, and frictionless flat-lock seams. 

If you are looking for affordable running equipment that can last more than a season, we have found it. From comfortable high-waisted leggings to loose running pants, these options may not last forever, but they can allow you to easily complete your next training program without spending a lot of money:

At £35, it is easy to understand why these Gymshark leggings are so popular. They may not have side leg pockets large enough to hold your iPhone, but they have a nice high waist belt to keep you comfortable when accelerating. There is also a small hidden pocket on the belt to store your essentials, and reflective details on the bottom of the legs to help you see it in low light.  

These M&S leggings not only look beautiful, but also have high waistbands, drop-in pockets on the side of the legs for mobile phones and running gloves, and a back pocket for keys and lipstick. Available with exquisite printing, size UK6-UK 24. 

Adidas said that these tights are designed for "leg training and aerobic exercise." If you are looking for a pair of fashionable leggings that can be worn for a run in the park and a HIIT course, these are good choices. They have a comfortable wide waistband, a mesh side pocket to hold the phone, and mesh back leg panels to prevent you from overheating. 

These H&M high-waisted leggings have no pockets for cell phones or running gloves, only a small pocket hidden in the belt for storing keys, but if you are looking for an economical option, they will be ticked in the right box . There are mesh details on the back of the legs to keep you cool when running in warm weather. The polyester composition of the leggings is recyclable. 

The price of these Nike leggings is under £40-they have a high waist belt, mesh details on the back of the legs for added breathability, and side pockets to hold your phone and face mask so you can leave the home running belt. 

We haven't tried these Amazon running leggings, but with an average rating of 4.5/5 and more than 1,200 reviews, they are a popular choice. Their hip side pockets are big enough to hold your smartphone, high waist belts can tuck everything into them when you move, and they are available in a variety of colors and leg lengths. 

If you prefer loose pants when running, you can't go wrong with these Ronhill pants. The fabric has a waterproof coating to keep you dry when running in wet weather, and there are two front zipper pockets to store your essentials while running. 

These Decathlon leggings are very good value, only 9.99 pounds. With an average rating of 4.47, they are a good choice if you want to save money. Decathlon wrote, "We designed these leggings for women who run in cool, mild and hot weather." They are breathable, with an adjustable drawstring waistband and a small zippered pocket on the back to store your essentials. 

We have collected the best winter ladies running tights. There are pockets for snacks, gloves and iPhone.