Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, "Prada on Ice" landed on SKP

2021-10-27 08:29:17 By : Ms. Joe Chen

LONDON-The Summer Olympics have just ended in Tokyo, and Prada has begun to seize the wave of winter sports in China before the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held from February 4 to 20, 2022.

Following the launch of a series of outdoor themed pop-up stores worldwide, the brand launched its latest "Prada on Ice" pop-up store in the SKP Atrium of Beijing's high-end shopping mall on Wednesday. After that, it will be promoted to other places around the world.

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The concept will also be exhibited at the China International Trade in Services Expo in Beijing as part of the SKP exhibition, which is one of the three highest-level exhibitions in China to promote international trade. The other two are Shanghai China International Import Expo and Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair.

The pop-up space is similar to an ice hockey rink, with red and blue graphics flying across the white wall, while the red LED strips display the scrolling Prada logo, just like on a scoreboard. The stands of the stadium became a functional area for shoppers, and the sled platform became a display surface.

The mannequins were reconfigured into sports poses to showcase the special series, which included sports accessories such as skis, snowboards, sleds and snowshoes; accessories such as ski goggles, ski boot bags and sleeping bags, and performance clothing, including oversized patterned polyester jackets, Double-print knitwear and mountain-style cashmere sweaters.

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