5 simple and effective yoga poses to avoid weight gain during this holiday season

2021-10-27 07:55:41 By : Ms. Amily Xu

Okay, is it that time of the year we just want to look our best and eat without guilt! The holiday season has begun, and the gorgeous, well-fitting clothes are outdated. The only challenge is to keep your mouth full, still shaking the suit, and taking a peek at the celebration. Also read-Dhanteras 2021: Why is it important to buy tableware on this day? Read here

Due to lack of exercise and unhealthy food choices, weight gain is usually related to body fat deposits. It is also caused by other factors, such as stress, underlying medical conditions, medications or drug side effects, etc. A common misconception that exists is that exercise that makes the body sweat too much can help lose weight. Read also-How to eat nutritious food during this holiday season, head chef Vikas Khanna shares tips

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, the founder of the Himalayan Yoga Institute and the Swamapan Foundation, suggested: “People should carefully check the science and its systems before blindly following popular myths about their health. Sweating does not help lose weight. Sweat helps maintain body temperature. Sweat also releases toxins from the body, but in a limited amount. One must understand that exaggerating the body to the point of disaster is not good for the body." Read also-Punjab prohibits manufacturing and Sale of firecrackers; new time to release green biscuits | details here

He further explained: "Sometimes people think that fat is not'fat', but water deposits between the skin and muscles. This may be due to excessive intake of iodized salt. To avoid this, people can consume rock salt or Himalayan salt. Instead of white salt. In addition to organizing food consumption patterns, people can also perform the following asanas provided by Advait Yoga. The correct practice of these asanas will lead to alignment of the body."

"The body's transition to its natural state puts the body in a state of recovery. In this process, muscles need nutrients, and the body is very smart to consume them from glycogen deposited in the body, resulting in weight loss. Speed ​​and recovery depend on the consistency of asanas. The steady duration of the exercises and each asana," he said.

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan shared some yoga asanas that help to lose weight:

This is a standing pose, where one person stands in the "samasthiti" with his whole body in contact with the earth and sky. The practitioner raises his hands in the air and stretches his hands upwards through interlocking palms. This asana is a full-body asana. Consciousness spreads throughout the body, awakening and stimulating every cell of the body. It has blood circulation throughout the body, improves agility and strengthens muscles.

This is a side stretch and strengthening pose. In this pose, the practitioner leaves a gap of 3-4 feet between the feet and stretches the other leg from one leg to the opposite direction to form a 90-degree angle. The practitioner bends the leg bent at 90 degrees, stretches the other arm above the ear, and places the other palm on the ground in front of the foot. This pose is very useful for lung health and overall strength development.

This is a low lunge position. The practitioner is in a low lunge position, raising the chest and placing the palms of both hands on the ground on both sides of the forefoot. It is one of the asanas from Surya Namaskar, which is very suitable for improving digestion and metabolism.

Also known as Warrior 2 pose. The practitioner starts by standing in the mountain pose, leaving a gap of 3-4 feet between the feet, with both hands shoulder-width apart, pressing the feet on the ground, one foot at a 90-degree angle, and the other leg extended . This asana can build muscle strength and is a full-body exercise.

It is also called the "head-to-knee position". The practitioner sits with both knees, straighten one leg forward, then bend down, with the head touching the knee of the straight leg. This pose stretches the back knees, hips, and spine to release blockages in the body.

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Release Date: October 27, 2021 at 12:04 PM IST

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