The 50 best New Balance garments to buy in 2021

2021-10-27 07:55:23 By : Ms. Yora Zhang

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If we have learned anything from the past two years, it is that comfort is the key.

Even if you are not lifting dumbbells for your next 5K training or home workout (perhaps one of our favorite programs, obé Fitness), wearing a good quality sweatshirt or hoodie is not a bad idea.

Moreover, this is why we like New Balance. The brand has some of the best sports and sports casual clothing that won't break the bank.

In addition, some of the brand's freshest clothing will be seamlessly matched with one of our favorite New Balance sneakers this year.

Below, find some of the best clothing for year-round sports. With a wide range of sizes and styles suitable for men and women, you can easily find multiple options to maintain combination, outdoor preparation and comfort.

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The Tenacity Hooded QTR Zip is a timeless classic, both flattering and perfect "muscular" elasticity in the cooler months.

Fortitech fleece pullover is a comfortable sports essential, suitable for outdoor running in autumn and winter or hiking on trails.

Looking for a matching suit? Pair the NB Essentials NBX hoodie with the matching sweatpants for a comfortable interior look.

Stay casual with the NB Essentials laminated full-zip hoodie. This is a typical zipper that you redefined. Not to mention, the iconic heather gray.

This NB Athletics Clash hoodie adds a splash of color to your casual outfit. In light green and pink tones, it is a great place to get away from the tried-and-tested neutral colors.

The NB Essentials pullover hoodie must be you wear 24/7. Moreover, it has color almost every day of the week.

Use this style of NB Athletics to add a touch of sportiness to your typical all-weather staff. A unique trio of fuchsia, pale pink and white, its geometric print adds some charm to the typical solid color long sleeves.

Some people say pink? This bold hoodie-with interesting red prints on the sleeves-is the girly, bold look you need for the cooler months.

The NB Essentials embroidered hoodie is one of our favorites because it is unisex. Choose from five subtle and bold colors (your choice) and wear a hoodie with your favorite sweatshirt or jeans.

The NB Heat Grid hoodie is perfect for fast running, lightweight and breathable, and is a great way to show off your biceps.

NB Athletics Higher Learning Hoodie is a luxurious color matching option that can be matched with matching fleece pants or with your favorite black sweatshirt.

Use RWT lightweight woven jackets and matching pants to keep cool. The suit is perfect for hiking, camping and almost any other activities that are a little cold.

Use the Printed Fast Flight Jacket to turn the typical flannel into a sporty casual style-it is one of the most comfortable men's jackets offered by New Balance. In addition, it is also equipped with breathable matching shorts.

The Heathertech T-shirt is the only basic style you need to exercise, play basketball in the park, and stay relaxed at home-really. Moreover, it has six versatile colors.

The short-sleeved technology T-shirt adopts a more sporty tailoring design, which is very suitable for any medium to high-intensity exercise.

Recognize the mixture of short sleeves and hoodies. The BP Fleece hoodie has an almost turtleneck look to keep you warm while allowing your arms to be as free as possible.

For a purely sporty look, you can't go wrong with printing Fast Flight short sleeves. I mean, look at the rich deep violet color.

For elegant short sleeves that are still light and comfortable, the NB Athletics Higher Learning Badge T-shirt is your best choice. Matching shorts is suitable for outdoor activities, and dark washed denim is suitable for dinner dates.

Yes, geometric patterns reminiscent of the herringbone era in the early 2010s are still popular. This breathable T-shirt is also perfect for exercising at home.

Paint us pink. This New York Marathon-themed T-shirt is a great addition to your sports wardrobe.

Transform Perfect T has exquisite cap sleeves, which is very suitable for bending muscles during arm exercises in the gym and making the items more suitable for your body.

You can't beat the classic zipper. This style is very suitable for a variety of different style preferences, there are four colors to choose from.

Accelerate Half-Zip provides a more sporty appearance, which may be due to its Olympic-style stripes. In other words, it is suitable for any activity-whether indoor or outdoor.

We have never seen a more detailed long-sleeved pattern than the KL2 Nature of the Game style. Why? Because you can dress it up with sweat, or put on jeans and Sperrys when you go out to play at night.

For autumn and winter, a long-sleeved sports and leisure top, just like keeping warm, is a must-have item. The Tenacity long-sleeved T-shirt keeps you warm, breathable and comfortable, suitable for any wear.

Q Speed ​​1NTRO Long Sleeve has a unique thermal design, which deserves applause. Its likable and relaxed fit is worth buying.

Exercise Barbie with the Accelerate half-zip pullover to come to life. This is an energetic interpretation of the classic quarter zip, with the stripe details within reach that we like.

The short hoodie is the favorite of the public, and the NB Essentials NbX hoodie is unique. Lime green is a statement, but if you like more subtle shades, it also comes in black.

NB Athletics Baroque Cropped Crew is like your favorite sports pants material turned into a top. Yes, pink and orange are a match made in heaven.

As a simple hoodie, buy New Balance's Relentless Performance Fleece Layer and buy staples that you wear at least once a week.

With NB Athletics Higher Learning Anorak, you can combine a hoodie, long sleeves and jacket in one. Moreover, this fantastic three-tone design is less than $100.

The Impact Run Light Pack jacket is a breathable interpretation of The North Face fleece. Simple and versatile, suitable for any occasion.

We like a good Sherpa. This forest green tone is the perfect way to welcome the cool weather with open (and warm) arms.

Geometric printing is very popular, you will wear the Reflective Accelerate Protect jacket to lead the trend. This is a fit and cute jacket that you can use at any time when you are outdoors.

As our favorite lady Sherpa, Q Speed ​​Sherpa Anorak is a simple choice that will keep you warm. In addition, you can also match some pink sports shorts to create popular colors.

We found a perfect jacket from New Balance. Perfect for ski trips, comfortable evening out for dinner (Taco Tuesday, we are watching you) and almost everything else, NYC Marathon Impact Run Light Pack jacket is a smart choice to buy.

Whether you are taking an aerobic dance class or in the next Trader Joe run, the Fast Flight Jacket is an easy-to-wear outfit that you will cherish for many years.

As one of the most flattering pants, Wind Pant from NB Athletics will become the most worn-out one in your drawer. It's also great with a T-shirt or crew.

Wool sweating is essential for autumn and winter. Buy Fortitech Fleece Pant for less than $80 to get the next reliable pair of pants.

We like the Atlantic color of the NB Essentials NBX sweatpants. They are effortlessly stylish and cost less than $70, making them a good choice.

Shorts are great all year round, especially when sweating profusely. Accelerate 5-inch shorts are perfect for this occasion. It is an economical and lightweight option that will make you want to buy a lot of shorts.

Slimming and comfortable, you can't beat NB Athletics Higher Learning Legging. Moreover, we are mindful of the amazing combination of light green and black.

Invest in a pair of beautiful sports leggings. Due to the large size range of New Balance, these shoes are available in black and blue-green, suitable for any body type.

Your heather grey sweatshirt has just been upgraded with NYC Marathon Fast Flight Jogger. There is a blush stripe on the leg, it provides a touch of girlishness.

Motorcycle shorts, motorcycle shorts and more motorcycle shorts. If you don't know, we are not enough, especially when Relentless 8-inch fitted shorts are available for purchase. With a contoured belt, it can hit all the right positions.

These Impact 3-inch running shorts have the theme of relaxation and carefree. Moreover, they come in subtle peach tones to switch your yoga class from HIIT aerobic exercise.

This premium NB Fuel Bra comes in four wonderful colors to provide you with adequate coverage and support to support high-intensity exercise.

To get the same support and thinner straps, buy HB Hero Bra 3.0 for reliable underwear that you never want to take off.

Finally, a bra with a front zipper can be easily taken off after much-needed sweat. The NB Power X front zipper bra is a worry-free option worth buying.

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