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2021-10-27 07:56:08 By : Ms. Ivy Shao

If you decided to play golf last year, you are not alone. This centuries-old game is the perfect way to get out, get on track and stay active, while keeping a safe distance from others for friendly matches. According to the National Golf Foundation, this is why there were 24.8 million golfers hitting the ball in the United States in 2020, and there was an increase of 500,000 in 2019-the largest increase in 17 years. More importantly, golf is becoming more and more popular among women. The number of female golfers has increased by 8% year-on-year, which is the largest increase in this sport in the past five years, according to NFG.

"Golf has set new records in terms of equipment sales and the number of rounds. Women are the fastest growing part of the sport," said Jeff Newton, a spokesperson for Callaway Golf, which has its own clothing line and Get permission through Perry Ellis. (Related: The best tennis skirts to serve the trend on and off the court)

People not only embrace the sport, but also the fashion that comes with it—to be frank, it's a long way from the era of pleated khakis and oversized bright-striped polo shirts. Newton said that players, spectators and fans all like to wear sportswear more than ever. (ICYMI, tennis skirts also have important moments.)

But it is not just classic golf brands that have noticed this trend. Popular sportswear brands such as Lululemon and Alo Yoga have expanded their product lines to include more versatile items that can be worn as women’s golf apparel (think: pleated skirts and collared vests).

"It makes me feel refreshed to see some of my favorite brands' popular golf clothing styles," said actress and model Jena Sims, who also happened to be engaged to professional golfer Brooks Koepka. "I remember participating in the Brooks competition at the beginning of our relationship and didn't know what to wear. Now, some of my favorite brands sample the direct link trend. Nike now has the cutest sports dress, and Alo Yoga can't. Don't. Keep their tennis skirts in stock-I know, because I'm on several waiting lists!" (Related: Hailey Bieber rocked these popular Alo yoga leggings during Pilates workouts)

Although Sims is not a golfer herself, she is one of many people who embrace golf casual dress in watching IRL sports events and daily life. "Brands are looking for ways to get creative through sports and leisure, because we are working from home and exercising at home for almost the entire time in 2020-they have to combine it with basic black yoga pants and vest routines," she said . "For me, folds and high socks are the iconic look, even if you are not waving the club outside. Once the fall event starts, I can’t wait to wear a few skirts and polo shirts with the oversized staff . I think it played the dullness of some country clubs while keeping it shameless and interesting."

Whether you are in a sprint race or just like the look of sports skirts and collared T-shirts instead of worn-out leggings and dyed tank tops, here are some of the cutest and most fashionable (and functional) women’s gold available on the market Clothes and equipment.

When you swing the club, the soft stretch fabric of this V-neck vest will not restrict any of your movements, and the cut in the middle of the back provides plenty of airflow. It comes with a built-in bra and removable cups, so you can provide just the right fit for all your ladies' golf apparel.

These breathable shorts are made of waterproof technology and are perfect for sunny days or even foggy morning tee times. Due to the four-way stretch fabric, these women's golf shorts have a good fit on the hips, but not tight. In addition, the classic look allows these shorts to transition from the stadium to the clubhouse during lunch time. (Related: According to the shape editor, the best sports shorts for any type of workout)

This best-selling dress has many interesting patterns, but this dress with a pleated bottom and collar is sure to be a hit on the court. Its elastic recyclable material not only fits the skin and feels soft, but its design also allows you to do all-round exercise while still providing good coverage, allowing you to move naturally. (More: How to buy sustainable sportswear)

Put on these nine-point women's golf pants and be prepared to be surprised how much you love them-you may wear these babies for the rest of the day. The thick, powerful mesh waistband has a mid-waist, which is a great compliment to any polo ball or similar stuffed into it. This material is very elastic, so you can move your legs without any restriction while driving. Hide additional balls or T-shirts in the front, back or hidden back pockets under the belt.

This top layer is a technical interpretation of the brand's famous "Shep Shirt". Although the shirt’s 1/4 zipper look and fit are similar to classic tops, this ladies golf peg is made of lightweight, quick-drying fabric. Throw it in your bag and tee off on a cold morning. Bonus: The material is also UPF 50, so it provides an extra layer of sun protection-what you need even on cloudy days. (Related: These UPF clothes will protect your skin during any outdoor activities)

You will love the thick waistband and charming stitching of this mid-waist women's golf skirt. Even in the hottest summer, when you sweat at the fourth hole, this lightweight stretch material can absorb moisture from your body and dry quickly. The skirt also offers a built-in lining with pockets, so you can easily carry extra balls, T-shirts, and even your ID or keys. (You will also like this $25 tennis skirt on Amazon.)

This one-piece sportswear dress is practical and stylish. Unlined dresses not only have a collar (usually required on many courses), but also pleated, if you are after the classic women's golf style, there are colors such as white and navy blue. The brand's Sport Pique fabric is tailor-made for the next to the body, but it also has perfect elasticity, suitable for any lens you want to sink. (Related: Amazon shoppers "actually prefer" this $35 outdoor voice dress over the original version)

Think of this golf skirt as the kind of mullet for ladies' golf wear. The front is a skirt, and the back is shorts. The Free People culottes feature an interesting pleated design on the front and a thick waistband to hold everything in place even if you hit the ball into the water. It has an internal lining and a small side pocket. Choose classic black or white rock, or use magenta, star fruit or golden wheat to create bright colors.

The avant-garde look of this classic ladies golf vest features a low-profile collar that fits flat on the neck and a quarter-zip front design. Its seamless frictionless structure is soft and fits the body, and the elasticity of the material is comfortable and tolerant. In addition, the material is UPF 50 and antibacterial material.

This ladies golf skirt is made of the brand's iconic Spacedye fabric, which is nothing more comfortable than it. This is a unique soft four-way stretch and quick-drying fabric. Pair your jacket with a crop top, vest or jacket-this generally flattering and comfortable skirt will soon become one of your favorite ladies' golf clothing. Even better: it has built-in shorts with a little compression to ensure you can safely focus on the swing. (PSA: The brand also sells leggings with the zodiac as the theme.)

Because it is made of a soft, lightweight fabric, once you slide this ladies golf polo over your head, you won't want to take it off. The four-way elastic material uses deodorization technology (the savior when sweating in the back nine holes), and the built-in UPF 50 provides another layer of protection. (Reminder: This does not mean you should skip sunscreen.)

Although this ladies golf pants may be labeled as a tennis skirt, it is also an absolute winner on the golf course. The lightweight material dries quickly, keeping you fresh throughout the game, and the performance jersey panties also add extra comfort and coverage. The thick elastic waistband and this A-line style almost guarantee that this golf skirt is suitable for anyone and all kinds of tops. You will also like the hidden inner pocket on the shorts, which can be used to store personal items or extra balls or T-shirts.

You must try these Oakley sunglasses yourself to truly understand the visibility these lenses may bring. The brand's trademark Prizm lenses are designed to truly enhance color, contrast and detail. Translation: Not only will you notice the hills and grooves on the court better on your face, but if you happen to hit the ball into the grass area, you can also find the ball more easily. (Related: The cutest outdoor workout sports sunglasses)

Beware of the world, the trend of joggers is entering the link! Not only are joggers likely to become a must-have in your WFH wardrobe, but now they can also enter your golf course. Pull the drawstring to achieve a personalized fit in the waistband, allowing the Dri-FIT technical fabric to absorb moisture from your skin while you play, keeping it light and breathable. The ankle cuffs create a clean tapered look.