This is Cara Delevingne's precise model exercises and yoga routines

2021-10-27 07:56:16 By : JACK YAO

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The model and actress strives to "exercise at least 10 minutes" every day.

Cara Delevingne, 29, just returned from a beach on Oahu, Hawaii, when she answered our scheduled Zoom call.

This is in stark contrast to the small, dim office corner of my Brooklyn apartment. It's 8pm New York time, so when I finally had the opportunity to talk to the model slash actress, I was a little bit lack of energy. However, as soon as I heard her lively British accent, ("This is Car-ah") I straightened up in my seat. I want to talk to one person, well, everyone is talking. I have a question.

Having just finished the lively (and criticized) ensemble at the Met Gala, Cara is now feeling cold on Oahu. On Instagram, she shared her latest collaboration with Puma when she swims with sharks, rests and shoots on the beach, and invests in cleaning up Kahana Bay beach to keep the coast free of microplastics, fishing nets, etc.

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"We are lucky to be able to take photos on this beautiful island," Kara said. "It feels natural to give back and make the beach cleaner than we found."

Cara and Women's Health talked about sports, mental health, activism, and plans to make the world a safer place for everyone—starting with herself.

Because her career requires a lot of world travel, stunts, creative shooting, etc., Cara believes that this job is "a lot of physical exertion."

"I just finished my show, I'm exhausted," she said, and I can hear the tiredness in her voice through Zoom audio. She is tired. "I have very little daily exercise now."

However, if she is preparing for a particular project, Cara says she likes doing Pilates most of the time.

"My daily exercise is not fixed," she said. "I try to listen to my body and do at least 10 minutes of exercise every day," she explained.

When she is not doing Pilates, she will do boxing, hiking, and tennis. "If every day is the same activity, it is difficult to motivate myself to exercise, so I can't bear to go to the gym," she said. If she wants to take a day off, she will still try to adapt to "cold" activities like swimming.

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Kara has been interested in martial arts and self-defense since she was a child, and she even won a yellow belt. "I want to be strong and protect myself," she said. "It's also interesting to know the history of this practice." In short, Cara just likes to try interesting exercises. A very healthy outlook, isn't it?

Yoga is Kara's way of "getting out of the mind and into the body".

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"For me, yoga is actually about breathing and meditation," she said. "It's not a practice, it's a practice." When she is constantly moving, it is difficult for her to determine how she feels, but yoga gives her the opportunity to "assess and check what is going on inside."

When it comes to environmental issues, Cara attributes most of her knowledge to high school friend Christabel Reed, the founder of EcoResolution, an educational platform that provides information on ecological crises and sustainability measures.

Kara said that she was "very ignorant of the state of the world", but fortunately, Christabel told her "the seriousness of what we are doing to the earth." Now, Kara says she is passionate about contributing to climate solutions.

"Once you educate yourself and start learning, you can't deny it," Kara explained. "I'm not better than anyone, I'm just lucky to be in a situation where people educate me."

This year, Cara collaborated with sportswear designer Puma to launch another series of her yoga wear series Exhale, which is made of what the brand calls "environmental friendly materials". Cara says they want to "raise the bar" in terms of sustainability and design, creating a "pleasing look" and comfortable texture, no matter what clothes you wear.

These items are made of recycled cotton instead of polyester, it uses less resources and generates less textile waste during the production process. Although reducing clothing production is generally the most effective way to limit a company's carbon footprint, Puma stated in 2019 that it will offset 35% of its total greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Hope to reduce the impact of global warming.

"I want people to feel good about what they are doing when they buy," she said.

At the end of our interview, Cara and I talked about the fact that, as a world-renowned model and actress, physically, she is not only a person that people admire, but also a person who wants to look like. But she said she was not here to tell anyone what to do. "If people want to inject Botox or exercise for two hours a day, they should pay attention to all the other things they don't do when doing these things," she said. "I don't want to preach to anyone."

"It makes me sad," Kara said. People "care more about their appearance" than their social contribution. Instead, she encourages readers to think about how to "really and truly help others."

Perhaps paying attention to the environment is a starting point.